Appleton Estate Master Blender's Legacy

Appleton Estate Master Blender's Legacy


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Alcohol 43 ABV%
Description Bright, polished bRonze rum distilled from molasses. Blend of aged rums, the heart of which was aged 30 years in used Jack Daniels whisky barrels. Released in celebration of three generations of Appleton Estate's blenders - Owen Tulloch, Joy Spence and David Morrison - Master Blender's Legacy is a tribute to the art of making and enjoying fine rum. The aroma is a rich and elegant balance of baked apple, pear, maple syrup, cinnamon and brown sugar. The body is rich with plenty of smoky oak balanced with vanilla bean, butter, orange oils, ginger and honey. The lingering finish reflects the bittersweet body with hints of cola nut, smoked nuts and baked spice. Bottled at 43% alcohol by volume.
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Appleton Estate JM Jamaica, Rum

Our estate has changed hands many times over the years but since 1749, all Appleton Estate rums have been produced from the one 11,000-acre estate in Nassau Valley.


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